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Soul of the Ozarks | 2020 Collection No. 3

$45.00 $45.00.

Handmade watercolors from foraged materials in the Ozarks. 2020 Collection No. 3 includes three light-fast Ozark pigments in a biodegradable hickory husk. Each husk has a magnet that attracts to the magnets on the base.

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The small cubes contain about as much paint as a traditional half-pan. All of the pigments are light fast.

The Pigments

  • Red Heavies came from the same red sandstone that created the Red Lite Lites. It is the sandiest portion that sank to the bottom the quickest when I washed the paint.
  • Black Sandstone is the hardest of all the rocks I’ve ever ground up. But an amazing thing happens when I put it on the mulling plate. It seems to just dissolve into the media. And it makes a really nice brown. Just goes to show that the color of the stone doesn’t necessarily mean the color of the paint.
  • Shale Gray, as mentioned above, comes from the black shale that I find in the creek. It’s a very crumbly thin layered rock when it dries out, but it mulls into a really buttery textured paint. It has to be washed after grinding, though, as it is one of the rocks containing sulfur compounds. If not washed it really stinks pretty badly.

The Contents

Let's unpack the contents of the 2020 Collection No. 3!
Just underneath the lid there’s a muslin cloth. You can use it for drying your brushes while lifting color, or cleaning little messes.
The lid is off. Now what's inside?
The cloth is out of the picture. There’s the base, the three ‘boats’ with your pigments, and a dropper bottle for wetting your paints.
These are the three pigments included in the 2020 Collection No. 3
The little ‘boats’ are made from hickory nut husks. They’re biodegradable except for the magnets. The base is made from a wild plum that we pruned a few years ago. You can also see your swatch card. It’s mounted underneath so that the whole thing sits on top.
Here's the really cool thing about 2020 Collection No. 3. The 'boats' are removable.
Here’s the really cool thing about 2020 Collection No. 3. The ‘boats’ are removable.

Each husk has a magnet matched to a magnet on the base. You can change out your colors (those will be available here soon, too). Or you can buy just the husk with the magnets in there so you can add your own paints or other maker’s paints to them, too. Just use a glue gun to attach the paint to the husk.


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