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Join me on one of my workshops. We’ll go foraging for pigments, smash rocks, or focus on turning rock dust into a finished, totally handmade watercolor paint. If you need to get in touch, or have questions about the courses, email me at madison@wildozark.com.

Need a speaker/activity for your event? Making paint is a physical activity with clear visual outcomes. It easily lends itself to becoming a team-building event, while solo participation is equally rewarding. All approaches will bring participants into close communion with nature and tap into creativity.

Join Madison Woods for workshops foraging for pigments and making watercolor paints.

Madison, thank you so much for the information.  I want to tell you how much we all enjoyed your class.  How fascinating this process is and how well you have researched, developed and created with this method.  Your work is absolutely stunningly beautiful.  I was impressed beyond words.  So great you have discovered this and advanced the techniques to such a degree.  Thanks again for offering this class and it always is delightful to see you too.


Email me at madison@wildozark.com for more information or questions.

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