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Artist quality wild-crafted handmade watercolors made from rocks, clay, or herbs and other natural sources. I call them Paleo Paints because this is the way paint was made long ago. The primitive drawings in caves used pigments created in the same way as I am creating them today- by smashing and grinding rocks, clay, and herbs. Whereas the ancient ones simply mixed their pigment with water or animal fats, I am using gum Arabic and honey to bind the color.

All of my colors, with the exception of blue and green, are created from natural materials sourced right here in the Ozarks. Eventually I’ll collect materials from other locations in Arkansas and other states and create collections named for those locations.

When I have paints ready to sell, I’ll post them here at my Wild Ozark shop (if nothing shows up in the space below this post, there are none available online at the moment). They’re also available at the Kingston Square Arts gallery in Kingston, Arkansas.

I generally don’t use plastic pans to dispense the paints. We have a lot of native clay, and there is commercial pottery clay available from Missouri. For inexpensive tray solutions, I use the clay and fire it in the woodstove.

A more artistic, maybe a little less portable, but very beautiful alternative are my driftwood palettes:

Driftwood palette from Wild Ozark Paleo Paints.
Each one is unique due to the nature of the varied shapes of driftwood. The specific one pictured is my personal collection, NFS.
A smaller example, $100. This one is sold. When more are available, they’ll show up below in the product section.

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