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Wild Ozark Musings | January Issue

This post is the same as the newsletter email that just went out to subscribers. A long time ago, maybe a few years, I’d sent out a poll asking if subscribers were also subscribers to my website. Most of the responses were no, so that means posting the newsletter here shouldn’t be too much repetition for them. If I get a lot of complaints, I’ll know the majority has changed!

I don’t always post the newsletters here at the blog. If you’re not a subscriber but would like to do so, here’s the page for that: Wild Ozark Musings.

Unstoppable 2022

2022 is already Unstoppable.

My focus word of the year is ‘unstoppable’. Granted, there could be a lot of negative ways to see that word, but my focus is on the good things being unstoppable. Already I can see it happening. This year I already feel more organized in my intentions. This morning I have the file box out, setting it up for 2022 Wild Ozark record-keeping. That’ll make everything so much nicer in January 2023. I’m reaping the benefits now of having done similar proactive planning last year.

It’s Cold

It was snowing, but that has slacked off. This morning when I woke up, it was 13F and probably a 0 wind chill. I went out last night around 11pm to put a late stack of hay out for the horses. I just put a whole bale, because it was already getting pretty cold and windy then. I was glad to have proactively put a towel to cover the ATV ignition switch because otherwise it would have been frozen in a glaze of ice along with everything else. It was a slippery on the seat ride to the shed and gate. My pants were double layered, ha, so my body warmth didn’t melt the ice off the seat.

This weather is perfect for getting started on a big task I don’t particularly enjoy. Taxes. However, I’m actually able to not dislike it as much as I used to since I’ve gotten more organized at record-keeping.

Right now my feet are becoming frozen blocks beneath my desk, though. While the wall heater is doing great keeping the room itself warm, lol, not so much with the floor. Anything that gets condensation under it freezes to the floor, too… So I’m writing this newsletter in short sprints so I don’t sit at the desk for too long. I may just go get the little electric heater to put under there, though, so I can just get this finished.


You all know I forage for rocks, and if you’ve followed me long you’ll know I pick up lots of things to bring home, like leaves and moss and other interesting botanical or mineral finds. Well, sometimes I also have to forage for photos. I want to paint a bear next, but all of our bear pics are from the game camera. They’re great for seeing stance and body shape, but not so good for seeing any kind of detail or color nuances.

So I scouted around the feeds of some photographers I found, reached out to a few friends I know that might have one. I won’t just grab an image off of the internet and paint from that. Even though my paintings never really look like the photograph anyway, it’s just not the right thing to do for a work I intend to try and show or sell. I’ll offer a trade or payment to get permission to use it or keep looking until I find someone who wants to license the usage at a reasonable price arrangement. Most people have been very willing to discuss it with me. Only one thought I was some kind of scammer or something because I’d come out of the blue to ask. That one made me have a pretty good laugh at the irony of it, and I moved on. But anyway, with the bear, I’ve found a great photo and a photographer willing to deal. So we’re in the negotiating of the agreement phase. I should be able to begin painting next week. Or strike out looking for a new photo reference.

Well, this newsletter issue is getting a bit rambly, so I’d better wrap it up.

Print Winner

Lynda Swink, you are the winner of the last draw of the hat to close out the list I’d built in 2021. Do you still want a kestrel? Reply to this email and send me your mailing address and I’ll get that out to you next week!

Enter Next Month’s Drawing

I’m starting over with the list, same conditions as previous years. Every month you can enter and add your name to the list, so it increases your odds. Every January, I clear the list and start over.

I would like to use this space to remember another fallen Wild Ozarkian. Diana Ross was the editor for the Ozarks Mountaineer for a while. She told me about By Golly, an artist she knew in the 70’s who used local pigments for painting signs in Eureka Springs. I’m going to miss seeing her replies to these newsletters in my inbox.

New Artwork

The latest real-life painting. Here’s the finished Weesatche House. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. It’s a picture of a place in Weesatche, TX that my husband used to love visiting when he was a kid. 
My latest NFT artwork is based on one of my Twisted Trees. Click the image to see it at Async.art. The original real-life work is also available.

That’s it for this month! I hope all of you have a healthy, prosperous, and wonderful 2022. I may write more often, if I can manage to remember to do it. If you’re on my special list for original works, I’ll be sending out a catalog of what’s available soon. If you’d like to have that in print format, please reply to this one and send me your mailing address.

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