Which format is best?

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Which format is best?

The book in question is about 100 pages long. It’s mostly photos, with a little bit of prose. Three of the chapters are at Amazon as individual e-books. The file size is too large to make it one big e-book, because of the photos. So I’m exploring the options for ways to put those three chapters plus a fourth one together into one product. Should it be a real physical book? Or do you like the idea of the USB or DVD better? I could also turn it into a magazine style publication, or even just put it at a site like Slide-Share. I’d like to make it available in all the various formats, but that will take time and money, and sales to inspire me to make it more widely available.

You can help me decide which formats to work on first.

I have a survey going on at SurveyMonkey right now. Newsletter subscribers got this in their email today. You can take it, too, and if you email to let me know you’ve done it, I’ll enter you into a drawing for one of my “Wild Ozark Herbs” DVD. I’ll chose five winners from all the emailed notices. The survey is anonymous so unless you let me know you’ve taken it, I won’t know to enter your name.


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This project is already listed at our online shop. It’s marked “Out of Stock” for now because I’ll be updating it soon with the additional chapter (The Look-Alikes). When I’m done it’ll be a comprehensive collection of everything I know and love about the American ginseng habitat.

Current survey results say that USB is the preferred format, with the paperback book running a close second. That was my first thought, too, although I think I’d like to also see it in magazine or book format as well.

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