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Testing… 1…2…3

Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to fix my broken blog. If you see this post, then that means I was successful! No more forced trailing slash in my .htaccess file, that’s why.

WordPress should have sent out a public notice to everyone that if you have trailing slashes forced in your .htaccess file, then Gutenberg won’t work for you. Gutenberg forces the slash itself so you don’t need the code and it must cause a conflict somewhere that keeps the posts from saving or updating.

Grrrrr! It was so irritating to have to dig so deeply to find that clue, but I’m glad the mystery and headache is finally solved.

It worked!

So, I want to update and refresh my blog with a new theme. I’ll be testing a few out over the next few weeks to see which one I like, so bear with me. I don’t have time to break the site again right now, though, so I’m going to stick with this one until after the South x Southeast studio tour at the end of March.

8 thoughts on “Testing… 1…2…3”

    1. Well, it’s kinda like ‘hurry up and wait’ now, lol. I only had enough time to break it and then fix it last night, not enough time to keep playing with it today.

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