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These are Wild Ozark’s Shipping & Terms of service. Please read them carefully and ask questions by emailing me at if you don’t understand something.


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Wild Ozark™ provides information, entertainment, and points users to our online store for free and paid products.  We also provide links to other websites with information we found useful or entertaining. This information, entertainment, or products can be changed, deleted, or moved to different links at any time at our discretion.

Although I try to provide honest, accurate information, we provide no guarantee of accuracy of anything from this site. It is up to the user to verify our information. Our information is provided as a starting point for further investigation by the user, however if the user discovers inaccuracies and brings it to our attention we will do our best to update our information.

Any herbal information or remedies discussed on this site are done so in the spirit of sharing information only. We are not healthcare providers, and do not dispense medical advice. None of the statements on this site have been sanctioned by the FDA. You, the user, are responsible for your own health and should consult a physician for medical advice before using or employing any of the remedies discussed herein.

If you purchase anything from Wild Ozark and are dissatisfied, please email me (madison-at-wildozark-dot-com) and I’ll be happy to arrange returns or remedies to your situation.

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Unless otherwise specified, all posts (writing) and photos on this site by Madison Woods are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Shipping & Return Policy for Wild Ozark Products (not including roots or dried leaf products from BCP)

We ship books, herbal products, crafts, and other products by USPS Flat Rate Priority or Media mail. Customers can email me and request a different method and I’ll send an adjusted invoice.

Wild Ozark offers 100% refund within 30 days of purchase on any product you are unsatisfied with. Just email me at to begin the process. We want happy customers, always.

We can only ship to the United States.

Shipping & Return Policy for Ginseng Roots & Leaves

Wild Ozark only sells ginseng roots and leaves to local customers. For residents of the United States and International orders, I can refer you to retailers that I trust to be ethical in harvesting and honest in dealing.

The policies outlined below are those from Bat Cave Botanicals, one of the retailers I work with.

All deals made with the retailers are independent of Wild Ozark once the referral has been made. Wild Ozark is not liable for shipping and returns issues with the retailers.

Bat Cave Botanical’s Shipping & Return Policies

US shipping only please! This item will be drop-shipped from Bat Cave Botanicals in North Carolina. Products from Bat Cave Botanicals (hereafter referred to as “BCB”)

Due to the valuable & highly delicate nature of ginseng roots, we only ship with USPS Priority Mail® which takes 1 – 4 business days & includes a minimum of $50 insurance. Higher value orders will include additional insurance.

We will ship after payment has been received. We do not accept returns on ginseng roots or leaves/tops.

Products from BCP can only ship within the United States.

If you purchase more than one of the BCP products, (roots or tops) we can combine shipping to provide you with the most affordable option. The shopping cart will not reflect this in your total, but when the order is received, your total will be adjusted for the proper shipping and any overpayment will be refunded to your PayPal account.

 You may email and skip the shopping cart if you’d prefer and you will be sent an invoice from PayPal instead of using the online shopping cart.


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