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In a Wild Ozark nutshell…

  • Experience life in our wild Ozarks through stories and photos on our blog.
  • If you are looking for the Ginseng Sanctuary link, here it is: Compton Gardens Ginseng Sanctuary.
  • If you’re here from Ozark Mountain Ginseng and looking for the ginseng books, click here. General ginseng information can be found among these blog posts.
  • We have an assortment of books, articles, and identification aids for ginseng at our shop.
  • If you’re here to get a dose of nature, browse the blog or explore my “Reconnect to Nature” section.
  • And finally, if you’d like to read some of my nature-based rural fantasy fiction, go to my “Rural Fantasy” fiction site.

I also have a monthly inventory report for those who are interested in buying ginseng for personal consumption. To stay current with the products available, sign up for my “Keep up with the Roots” report.

Keeo up with the roots report








Grow your own ginseng! Here at WildOzark we grow ginseng virtually wild (wild-simulated). That means all we do is plant the seed and let nature do the rest. When it’s time to harvest, there is no difference between ours and true wild. We encourage planting seeds from as local a source as possible. It’s impossible not to reconnect to nature while you’re crawling around on the forest floor planting seeds or digging roots.

The heading link takes you to the category on this website. It will list all the posts and pages where ginseng is mentioned. In the menu at the top of this website, you’ll find more specific listings of ginseng-related topics. We have lots of information on finding habitat and understanding this plant, and in spring we sell seedlings from the Huntsville, AR Farmer’s Market. We were awarded a grant from United Plant Savers in order to build an American ginseng sanctuary in conjunction with Compton Gardens in Bentonville.

Nature, Herbs & Plants

Nature is a huge part of what WildOzark is all about. In fact, everything here has to do with our relationship and connection to nature.

Reconnect to Nature with writing, photography from Wild Ozark by clicking here to read all the posts to do with Science & Nature.


Beginning in late April each year I go to the farmer’s market in Huntsville, AR with plants and books and balms and information. All but the plants are also for sale at our online shop. Early in season the plants are mostly ginseng and ginseng companions. Later as it warms up, the plant selection becomes more focused on edible and medicinal or bee/butterfly oriented.

I write about herbs, herbalism, and Ozark native plants fairly often here.

The ARTs


It’s not really “self-reliance” but more “nature-reliance”. We’d like to know how to get by in a world without grocery stores and Walmarts. From time to time I’ll post on this topic at my blog. You can click here to read all of the posts that were tagged “Self-Reliance”. A lot of posts of this nature are also cataloged under “Homesteading”.


I enjoy learning about how plants can be used for personal health. When I find a formula that’s particularly helpful to me, I usually offer it at my shop and booth. During summer I have these plants available at our market booth for sale. I am not always good at organizing my categories, so I apologize, but you can read these various archives to get the posts related to herbs and herbal healing: “Herbs”, “Herbalism”, “Native Medicinal Plants”



I write about a variety of things on our blog, mostly to do with plants and our life here. Living in the rural Ozarks comes with a unique set of challenges and these things give me lots to write about. I also share photography from the area and information I learn about the ginseng and plants. We have horses, dogs, cats, and chickens so these critters are often the subject, too. When we travel, I usually write about that, too. Some of the places we’ve been so far include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, France, Germany, Amsterdam, and Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Louisiana.


My writing is inspired by my life here and my interactions with nature. My genre is fantasy with a little scifi mixed in. The settings are usually Ozark with alternate worlds. Predator and Prey is a theme that runs through my fiction consistently, and I’d have to say we have a healthy balance of both to observe out here in the wild Ozarks. If you sign up for Wild Ozark’s monthly mailing list, you’ll have the opportunity to add yourself to the fiction focus group. Sometimes I send out serialized stories.


I write books about ginseng, the useful plants, and encourage others to interact with nature through journaling and nature sketching. You can see all of my titles at Amazon and we also sell them (except for the Kindle versions) at our online shop.


Nature Sketching

If you love nature sketches you’ll enjoy our sister site Wild Ozark Nature Journal. I try to go out every day and do an ozark nature sketch. These sketches are available as prints, notecards, and I have a blank nature journal for you if you’d like to try doing this yourself.


I’m always out taking photos and I enjoy sharing them here with you. The best way to see them is to subscribe to the blog, or just scroll through it to find the ones you like.

Life in the Ozarks

Here’s a sampling of images from the blog including sketches, products, and photos:

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit here with us at WildOzark! Please leave a comment to tell me about the things you love and your own relationship with nature.

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