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Whole Pigment Rocks | Ozark Pigments


Each set is $18.45 which includes shipping to US addresses. If you’re ordering from outside the US, please email me (madison@wildozark.com) so I can give you an invoice with applicable shipping.

Click HERE to see all of the available whole rock pigment sets.



This is an offer for whole pigment rocks, foraged fresh from the creek here at Wild Ozark. You can crush them and make your own paint pigments. They’ll ship to you by Priority USPS mail.

Your pigment rocks will arrive individually packaged and numbered, as seen from left to right in the photo. Once the rocks dry, they look a lot different, except for the shape. The smallest in the set is shown in the palm of my hand for a size reference.

The Collections

Individually Packaged

Individually packaged Wild Ozark whole pigment rocks.
Individually packaged Wild Ozark whole pigment rocks.

Your whole rock pigments are individually packaged and numbered so you can more easily identify them once they arrive. Once dried, the rocks look a lot different than they did while wet. If you want to test the colors before crushing, put them all in a bowl, let them soak a few minutes, then make scrapes on a textured light-colored surface. In your packaging, I just used recycled watercolor paper squares. It’s not as good as using a large rock outside by the creek side, but it works!

How to Make the Paint

If you’re new to paint-making, I have a tutorial on how to make the paint and the watercolor media right here on this website. You’ll find the pages linked below. There are more advanced techniques to make better paint, but the tutorials will give you a good introduction on the basic steps involved.

How to Make Media

How to Make Paint

Whole Pigment Rocks

The sets will be added here as I collect them. In each set I’ll show you the smallest one in my hand so you can get a reference for size. Most of the rocks are sand stone and can be ground and used whole, but washing and separating the pigments make smoother paints. The gray is most often going to be shale. Shale makes a fabulous buttery smooth dark gray paint, but you’ll need to ‘wash’ the pigment after you grind it so that the resulting paint doesn’t stink. Email me or read the article linked above for more information on that if you would like some help.


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