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Whole Rock Ozark Pigment Collection | 101520-01

$18.45 $18.45.

Collection No. 101520-01.

Free shipping to US addresses. If you’re out of the country, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you an invoice with adjusted cost for shipping. Base price is $10 USD.

Whole rock pigments look a lot different once they’re dry. All rocks look a lot more similar to each other when they’re all dry. Pigment scrapes also look different once they dry. Making a wet rub on another rock will give you an idea of what kind of pigment to expect – rich or weak. The colors usually dry to a lighter matte shade. Here’s how the set in this offer (101520-01) looked once the test scrapes dried.

Whole rock pigment scrapes once they're dry.
The whole rock looks different once it’s dry, and so do the test scrapes. Most of the time, the scrape colors are lighter than when wet.

Making Paint with Whole Rock Pigments

If you’re new to paint-making, I have a tutorial on how to make the paint (starting with clay in this one, but the technique applies to whole rock pigments too) and the watercolor media right here on this website. You’ll find the pages linked below. There are more advanced techniques to make better paint, but the tutorials will give you a good introduction on the basic steps involved.

How to Make Media

How to Make Paint

Art Made with Ozark Pigments

If you have never seen watercolor paintings made with wild-crafted rock pigments, you can look at my gallery. I’ve been painting since 2018 and have the galleries arranged by year at PaleoPaints.com. Stop in for a visit!


Wild Ozark™


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