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Watercolor Binder / Media – Ready to Use

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Binder/Media for handmade watercolors. I use pure Ozark mountain spring water, raw gum Arabic resin, honey, and essential oil of cloves or cinnamon in my formula. Make it yourself (recipe below) or buy it already prepared and ready to use.

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Here’s my general recipe if you’d like to make your own.

  • Start with a quart jar
  • Add 1″ layer of raw gum Arabic resin
  • Fill to curve of neck with boiled water
  • Agitate to dissolve the resin once the water cools enough to handle
  • Strain

In another container, add 1/10 volume with honey, fill the rest with your gum Arabic solution.

Add 1-2 drops of clove or cinnamon essential oil.

If you make enough volume and use heat sealing lids, you can preserve them in a water bath just as you would can jelly or preserves.

Here’s my tutorial for making a basic handmade watercolor paint:





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