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Warrioress | Sassafras Root Bark Monochromatic | Twisted Tree Series

$175.00 $175.00.

An original work by Madison Woods using Ozark pigments and handmade watercolors. ‘Warrioress’ is one of the Twisted Trees series in my Nature Fantasy collection.

  • Size is 5 x 7″
  • not framed
  • on 300# watercolor paper

Shipping is FREE to US addresses. International customers: please email madison@wildozark.com for an invoice that includes shipping. Thank you!

The pigment for ‘Warrioress’ came from one of the only two plant pigments I’ve found out here that is light fast. This rich orange came from the root bark of a washed up sassafras tree I found in Felkins creek. Ordinarily, it’s the rocks I’m foraging out of the creek. This time it was root bark.

'Warrioress' is a monochromatic painting using pigment made from sassafras root bark.
The uprooted sassafras tree with orange bark peeling after it weathered a while.

You can read more about the making of paint from this pigment at my Paleo Paints blog.

Framing recommendations

I like to frame paintings in a frame size larger than the painting with a double mat.  Glazing should be TruVue or another brand of glass or acrylic that offers UV protection.

Regardless of what you prefer as how it ‘looks’, the following is very important: Never allow the glass (or acrylic) to touch the painting. A double mat alone will often be enough but spacers will ensure a gap between glazing and painted surface.

Dimensions 7 × 5 × .1 in

Wild Ozark™


Madison Woods


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