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Set of Twisted Trees | Collection No. 2021-01 | Archival Prints


A set of 4, from my Twisted Trees Collection no. 2021-01. Each print comes with the rock sample that created the paint. Frames not included. Free shipping to US addresses. International shipping can be arranged by emailing me at madison@wildozark.com.

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The set of Twisted Trees originals sold the weekend after I painted them, but prints are available! When I paint these trees, I don’t know what they will become until the paint begins to take form upon the paper. Slowly, a unique personality emerges, and that is how each tree is created.

Each tree is monochromatic using a paint made from one of my pigment rocks. Each print in this set will include a small sample of the rock that made the color. You can mount the rock sample onto the frame, as I did with the originals, or save it in your special spot. Or buy the framed set, which are mounted on birch boards and framed with the pigment rock as pictured below.

The image below shows how I framed the originals.

Twisted Trees originals from Collection No. 2021-01.
Each print will come with a small rock sample as you see on the frames in this photo. Mounted, varnished and framed is optional.

Black stone

Monochromatic painting of a twisted tree using a black sandstone.

Yellow Sandstone

Monochromatic using paint made from a yellow sandstone.

Creek Shale

Monochromatic painting made from creek shale pigment.

Red Sandstone

Print of my monochromatic painting made with watercolors made from red sandstone.


Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × .4 in

Wild Ozark™


varnished & framed, archival paper unframed


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