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Rain Crow (Yellow-billed Cuckoo) | Original Art by Madison Woods

$150.00 $150.00.

Framed, no glass needed. Free shipping to US addresses.

  • Features all Ozark pigments
  • light fast
  • varnished surface
  • archival
  • no glass needed

An original painting of Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Rain Crow). This painting is on paper which has been mounted permanently to a birch wood panel. The painting is varnished. It is archival, UV protected, and does not need to be covered with glass. It is framed and will be shipped free to US addresses. For international orders, please contact me for an invoice including shipping.

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The rain crow, or yellow-billed cuckoo, is a very reclusive bird here at Wild Ozark. They’re one of our ‘often heard, but seldom seen’ critters. Two others on that short list include the whippoorwill and spring peepers. I think I’ll paint each of those, too, so this little bird painting will be part of a series.

Click the image below to see the progress post for this painting.

I'm painting a yellow billed cuckoo, or rain crow with my Ozark pigments.


This is the second of several 4 x 6 paintings I’ll be doing this year. Their smaller size allows me to offer more affordable entry points to original art featuring these unique and special Ozark pigments.  All of them will be mounted and varnished, like this rain crow so they can go without glass.

You can see all of my art at my online portfolio. Thank you for reading!

Read more and listen to the sound a rain crow makes at my other post about this bird.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in

Wild Ozark™

Product Material

Ozark earth pigments

Product Condition



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