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Ozark earth pigment Murdock Heavies

$10.00 $10.00.

The pigment included in this item is “Murdock Heavies”, shown on the swatch image. FREE shipping to US addresses.

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Ozark earth pigment Murdock Heavies is included in this listing.
Murdock Heavies, left.

About the various pigments from Wild Ozark

Anything named “Heavies” is going to have more grit and take more time to mull, if you’re making paints. A pigment with “Lights” in the name will generally be smooth and less textured. These are often the more saturated pigments. I use water washing to separate the heavies from the lights. Often the colors of each from the same stone will be significantly different. Other times, the only difference is the amount of grit in the finished paint.


Each rock has its own unique composition. Therefore, each release may be slightly different in shade from previous or future releases. So no guarantees on exact replication of colors, even when named the same. A russet rock in one spot might not yield the same tones or shades as a russet rock found ten feet away. However, variation from vial to vial within the same batch release should be minimal. My advice, if you need to be sure you have enough paint for a project, buy as many vials as will take to complete the work. Then combine all of the contents of all of the vials for each color. This will, in effect, create your own batch, so that all of the paint made from this batch will be very close to the same shade. Each 20-ml vial makes approximately 3-to-4 full pans.

At this time, all of my pigments are foraged close to my home on 160 acres of wilderness in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. I also offer workshops on foraging and making handmade watercolors. Go to PaleoPaints.com to see watercolor paintings I’ve done using these pigments from the Ozarks.

REMEMBER: Always wear a dust mask when handling dry pigments.

Make your own handmade paints and skip the hardest part. 

Rocks have already been foraged and processed. You get to start with pigment ready to mull or mix.

Sustainably Foraged

There is an endless supply of rocks for pigment here at Wild Ozark. I forage the creek after rains to see what gifts the earth has brought us. No mining involved, just surface gathering of rocks freely available.

Want to know when new kits or pigments are released? Click here.


How to Make Handmade Watercolor Paint from Rocks, Clay or Soil

Ozark earth pigment Murdock Heavies is included in this listing.

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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