Tensas river vertical lift drawbridge at Clayton, LA.

Ghost in the Mist – Relic vertical lift drawbridge on the Tensas River


Ghost in the Mist – Drawbridge at Tensas River in Clayton, LA.

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This is an old vertical lift drawbridge on the Tensas River in Calcasieu parish, Louisiana. Northbound lanes on US Hwy 425 in Clayton, LA.

The bridge lies along my preferred route to go home to visit relatives in south Louisiana from Wild Ozark in northwest Arkansas. I’ve been trying for years to get a good picture of it and over the years I’ve take several.

Ghost in the Mist

Many were technically “good”, but they didn’t capture the essence of this architectural relic. This one with the fog and the old drawbridge looming like a ghost in the mist, is exactly what I wanted. I hope you like it too.

Tensas river vertical lift drawbridge at Clayton, LA.

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