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Soul of the Ozarks | 2020 Collection No. 14 | Large Driftwood Burl

$75.00 $75.00.

This large driftwood burl palette artfully displays five of my color-drenched Paleo Paints. 🤗 It’s even conveniently shaped to hold your brush off of the table during breaks. (Brush not included).

Free Shipping to US addresses. Email for international orders (madison@wildozark.com).

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Decorative Driftwood Burl

This sweet five-color handmade watercolor set is mounted on a large driftwood burl that I found while foraging for pigments on Felkins creek in Madison county, Arkansas. The replaceable 26 mm pans stay securely in place with magnets mounted on the burl. The pigments pack a big color splash and the burl is full of unique character. All are light-fast wild-crafted Ozark earth pigments. The pigments in this collection were all sourced from rocks foraged right here at Wild Ozark or within walking distance.

The Paleo Paint Pigments

If you’d like to see more information about all of the colors I’ve made so far, click here to read about the Ozark Pigments. Not all colors are available at all times. The pigments listed below are included with this driftwood burl.

These pigments are included with this listing:

  • Earthy Delight (brown from a black sandstone)
  • Creek Shale (gray from the shale in our creek)
  • Green Heavies (a greenish gray siltstone)
  • Yellow Heavies (a yellow sandstone)
  • Russet Lites (from a russet sandstone)

About the Driftwood Burl

I found this good-sized burl while out scouting for pigments. It’s larger than my hand, but not unwieldy. It’ll make the perfect desktop palette, and it has a natural fold that will hold a brush off the table perfectly during your breaks.

For a while it sat on the shelf in my studio. I wasn’t certain how I would use it. Originally, I planned to use it with the other side up. But once I started the cleaning, sanding, and evaluation, I decided to go with it the way you see it now. If you want to turn it over once the paints are dried, it will make a beautiful decoration all on its own, even without the paints showing.

So it started out as nothing but a mud and sand-covered scrap of the toughest part of a tree long gone. Now it’s a beautiful palette artfully displaying a rainbow of Paleo Paints. 🤗

A Note about Color Reproducibility & Transparency

All of my Paleo Paints are made from natural foraged rocks, clay, or other resources. While I may be able to come close to reproducing the color later, it’s very unlikely I’ll get an exact match. There’s enough pigment in each of these dots to paint several swatches, and possibly full small paintings in the style I produce. A little bit does seem to go a long ways.

Watercolor paints made from earth pigments are not as transparent as those you might be used to. All of them are more similar to gouache than not. The ones I’ve labeled ‘gouache’ are more opaque than the pigments alone. The only ones of my paleo paint samples that are truly transparent are those from plant pigments, like the sassafras root bark in this collection.

You can see the paintings I’ve made using my handmade watercolor paints at www.PaleoPaints.com if you’d like to get an idea of how they look.


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