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Dried mullein and echinacea root getting ready to decoct.My recipe for this year's Winter Crud syrup.Wild Ozark's Mullein/Beebalm decoction procedureMullein, First Year

Winter Crud Jam/Syrup

One pint of the sweet herbal remedy jam-syrup we use every year for the lingering, congested cough of “Winter Crud”. This season’s flavor is blackberry jam. Although the recipe is made in the same way as jelly or jam once the decoction is made, the jam isn’t “jelled”.

Because of Arkansas Cottage Law, I can’t sell this online. Only available at the market booth or the physical Nature Boutique location.

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  • sugar
  • mullein
  • beebalm
  • echinacea
  • American ginseng
  • blackberry jam-syrup (pectin, sugar, blackberries, water)
  • brandy with vanilla, or bourbon
  • cinnamon sticks
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My recipe for this year's Winter Crud syrup.
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