Ginseng Look-Alikes (Paperback)

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A short visual guide to the plants most often mistaken for ginseng.

This is the paperback version.

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“Ginseng Look-Alikes” is packed with photos of the plants that look like ginseng to help you learn the difference between ginseng and ginseng look-alikes.

Plants that look like ginseng

The number one question readers ask is, “Is this ginseng?”

Unfortunately, most of the time it is not. Almost always it is one of the plants that look like ginseng:

  • Virginia creeper
  • Ohio buckeye
  • Poison ivy
  • Hickory seedlings
  • Wild strawberry

An identification aid

So I came up with the idea to collect some leaves of the most common imposters. Then I scanned them and turned the images into the cover of this short book.


It’s 24 pages of focused effort to help you learn which plants are NOT ginseng. It also includes some pictures of plants that ARE ginseng.

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Ginseng Look-Alikes by Madison Woods

Ginseng Look-Alikes

by Madison Woods

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Is this on the blog?

You could browse my blog and find all of this information. Or you could buy this book and carry it to the woods with you. If you wanted, you could take the front cover off and laminate it.

Note: The Kindle version is free with the paperback purchase.

The main feature of this booklet is the cover. The image is made from real leaves, scanned and arranged on one page. Take the cover off and laminate it so it’ll be durable, or leave it on and take the whole booklet with you to the woods.

It makes a great gift!

Any ginseng enthusiast friends or family members still learning how to tell the difference? Buy them a copy too!

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