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Ginseng Specimen Plants | Companion Collections


Pick Up Only. We’re located in northwest Arkansas.

Note: Excuse the bug bites. We do not use pesticides or fertilizers, and only water the potted plants during prolonged drought. All of our nursery plants are propagated from seed or cuttings and are planted either in pots or in the ground in a natural environment.



A four prong American ginseng specimen and a three prong each in collection of plants commonly found in the same habitat. These containers can be kept intact or the plants can be transplanted into a woodland environment. They’ll need to be in a cool, moist, shaded location either way. Ginseng is a plant with narrow growing requirements. It won’t survive direct sunlight, rain, or wind. Native habitat is deep, deciduous forests.

American ginseng specimen plants, with companions.


Wild Ozark™


No. 1 ($100), No. 2 ($75)


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