Amazing Sting Oil – Frankincense Oil


4 ml clear roller bottle or 10 ml cobalt blue roller bottle of Amazing Sting Oil.

Ingredients: frankincense resin melted into fractionated coconut oil. That is all. Frankincense is a natural anti-inflammatory herb.



This frankincense oil is made with the whole extract of the oleoresins. It is not an essential oil and is far superior to the essential oil when it comes to using it as a topical remedy.

We keep a little roller bottle of this oil by the bedside, in the first aid kit, downstairs near the table… anywhere we can find it quickly. It is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy, and it relieves the itch, pain, and swelling of anything we’ve found so far that came from an insect or a plant.

Frankincense oil for Flu Muscle Aches

When my son had the flu, he experienced the severe lower back pain sometimes associated with it. Since frankincense is a natural anti-inflammatory, I rolled some on and massaged it in and he said it helped a lot.

Insect Stings

We’ve used it oh so many times for wasp stings, hornet stings, and tick bites. It takes the hurt, swelling, and itching right out of them. Within a minute or two.

Poison Ivy

I’ve used the frankincense oil (Amazing Sting Oil) for poison ivy and again, swelling, itch, and burn go away quickly.


I burned myself pretty good with the hot glue gun a while back and immediately rolled some of the frankincense oil on the spot. It quit hurting immediately.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and this remedy isn’t provided as medication. Nothing I say is meant to be construed as medical advice.

Frankincense has long been used as a remedy and studies prove it helps for inflammation. As with anything used for food or remedy, there are contraindications. If you’re taking medication for inflammation or anything else, you’ll want to check with your physician to make sure this won’t interfere.

The parts of frankincense that helps so much are the boswellic acids. You hear a lot of promotion of frankincense essential oil lately, but the essential oil only contains tiny amounts if any of these components.

How To Make It

If you want to make some at home, start with whole frankincense resin (tears). Fair Trade Frankincense website has an excellent tutorial to show you how to separate the oil from the water soluble parts.

I use just a little of the pure resin in coconut oil to make the Amazing Sting Oil.

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