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How to Find Pigment Rocks | Identify & Forage | By Appointment July – November

$50.00 $50.00.

Two hours of learning to find pigment rocks, with an opportunity to stay afterwards to have your freshly foraged rocks crushed in my rock crusher machine.

  • Date: By appointment July – November (email me to arrange date, place order after that)
  • Time: by appointment (2 hour foraging hikes)
  • Capacity: 5 persons max
  • Cost: $50/person
  • Covid precautions: we will be outdoors and it’s not necessary to be near one another. Please do not attend if you have fever, cough, or feel unwell. I will refund your fee if you need to cancel because of health. Please bring a mask in case we do go inside and cannot distance.
  • Refund policy: If I cancel because of weather, you can opt to be refunded or attend the rescheduled event. You can cancel for any reason until the time of the event for refund or reschedule.

Availability: In stock

If you want to know how to find pigment rocks, and prefer hands-on guidance, this is the workshop for you. Come out and spend a couple of hours immersed in our beautiful Ozark surroundings. Learn what I look for and how to spot the best rocks for making handmade paints. Look for the various shades of colors that we have right here at Wild Ozark.


This is an outdoor activity in rugged terrain (slippery rocks, creek crossing-wading). Please come prepared with waterproof shoes/boots or feet that don’t mind being cold and wet. We have snakes, poison ivy, and ticks here, too. Wild Ozark (or Madison Woods and property owners) are not responsible for your safety. Bring your own water, lunch, sunscreen, and tick repellent. And don’t forget a sack for your rocks!

Find Pigment Rocks

Now that all the CYA has been mentioned, this is a workshop you’ll enjoy if you like being outdoors! Learn how I ‘see’ and test rocks to see if they’ll make good paints for my artwork. Get hands on and gather rocks to bring home for further processing (or see below for the option to have them crushed with my machine).

We won’t be making paints in this workshop, it is just for learning to spot good color. However, I will send you home with a tutorial, and you can ask questions and take the rocks home with you to experiment more. Or save them for a future workshop where we will grind the rocks and go through the process of making watercolor paints.

Before I had a rock crusher machine, I used a stainless steel mortar and pestle to grind to a coarse powder. I’ll show you how I did it, so you can take your rocks home and grind them if you like.

OPTIONAL Access to the Rock Crusher

FREE for workshop participants! If you’d rather not grind your rocks by hand, I am happy to provide that new service using my phenomenal rock crushing machine.

We’ll grind rocks, by color, so you can go home with a bit of already ground up rock of the various colors we found during the forage.

Rock Crushing Service

Ordinarily, it’s $10 per batch (plus shipping) for up to a quart of rock dust. Each color is a separate batch, and each batch is $10 whether or not it amounts to a full quart. You supply the rocks (mail them to me) already broken into approximately 1″ pieces. If your supply amounts to more than one quart ziploc bag, I’ll notify to inquire whether you want the additional amounts. If so, I’ll send an invoice with adjusted shipping (I’ll ship them all together, so it may or may not be additional) and for the additional batch(es). If you don’t want it, I’ll either use it myself or add it to my garden amendments. If you want me to break the rocks into smaller pieces for the crusher, that adds another $10 per batch to the total cost.


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