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Soul of the Ozarks | 2020 Collection No. 9

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These gorgeous Ozark pigments are all light fast and permanent.

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A collection of 3 Ozark pigments in large, removable 26 mm metal pans in a reusable magnetized case.

All colors in this set are earth pigments and light fast, and came from a single stone that was half red and half black.

The Pigments

Black Rosy

The is color from the darkest part of a red sandstone. Half of it was more red and half was almost black, so I made the paint from the separate halves.

Rosy Gouache

The red part of the stone had such strong pigment that I didn’t want to leave any of it behind on the plate after mulling. I used purchased calcium carbonate (cleaned limestone) to capture the remaining color.

Rosy Lites

When I grind a large stone, I wash the pigments and separate it into portions according to how quickly it settles out of the water. This is the ‘lites’, the finest grains that stayed suspended after the more sandy grains settled.


A Note about Color Reproducibility & Transparency

All of my colors are made from natural foraged rocks, clay, or other resources. While I may be able to come close to reproducing the color later, it’s very unlikely I’ll get an exact match. There’s enough pigment in each of these pans to paint several paintings in the style I produce. A little bit does seem to go a long ways. But if you want to make sure you’ll have more of the exact same shade, inquire to see if there is more from this same batch. It may not be in the same form, but should at least be the same color. I often pour cubes at the same time as I’m making a set like this one.

Watercolor paints made from earth pigments are not as transparent as those you might be used to. All of them are more similar to gouache than not. The ones I’ve labeled ‘gouache’ are more opaque than the pigments alone. The only ones of my paints that are truly transparent are those from plant pigments, like the sassafras root bark in this collection. You can see the paintings I’ve made using these paints at www.PaleoPaints.com if you’d like to get an idea of how they look. I also have samples and sample sets ranging from $1 – $10. Email me if you’d like me to put together a sample set for you or if you’d like a single. My address is [email protected]

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 2 in


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