Handmade Watercolor- Collection No. 1, Soul of the Ozarks

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Six colors in this introductory collection from Wild Ozark! All of our hand-made watercolor paints are created from sustainably wildcrafted rocks, soils, clay, or other natural materials. All colors are light-fast and permanent. Whenever I use a pigment that is not light-fast, it will be noted as such in the description. All of these in Collection No. 1 are earth pigments and light-fast.

  • Char (black)
  • Creek Shale (gray)
  • Waterfall Shale (muddy yellow)
  • Landslide (cleaner yellow)
  • Intoxicating (red-brown)
  • Nirvana (orange-brown)

This is a palette that ranges in earthy browns, grays, yellows, and black. It is the same palette I used to create my falcon paintings, which can be seen here.

All of my colors are produced in small batches. While I may be able to get close to the same shade again in the future, there is no guarantee of reproducibility in any of them. When the same color is produced in a subsequent batch, it will receive a new batch number. For example, the next time I make Nirvana, it will be called Nirvana (2). This will allow the artist buying replacement colors for favorite palettes to understand there may be small variation between the two and make conscious allowances for that difference in their work.


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