Burlap Cuties – DIY Fairy Garden in a Burlap Sack

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Invite a Wild Ozark fairy to take up residence with these adorable “Burlap Cuties”, living habitats in a rustic burlap bag. All supplies included.

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Our Burlap Cuties kits feature soil-less coconut coir potting mix and sustainably wildcrafted botanicals from the Wild Ozark woodlands.Wild Ozark "Burlap Cuties" fairy garden

Burlap Cuties

Assembled fairy gardens, and sometimes the kits, can be picked up locally from the Downtown Rogers (AR) Farmers Market on Saturdays. If you know you want one or the other and want to pick it up, be sure to email in advance so I will bring it with me.


Only kits are available by mail order. All the parts are included:  soil, moss, fern or other small woodland plant, a wild Ozark rock to go in the bottom, burlap bag, wooden sign, and shiny jewel.


I only harvest woodland botanicals that are plentiful and re-grow quickly, or have been seeded specifically for later harvest.


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