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Soul of the Ozarks | 2020 Collection No. 7 | Burl

$45.00 $45.00.

It started out as nothing but a mud and sand-covered scrap of the toughest part of a tree long gone. Now it’s a little burl palette artfully displaying a handful of Paleo Paint Mini’s. 🤗

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Found Burl

This sweet little handmade watercolor set is mounted on a burl that fits in the palm of my hand, but it packs a big color splash and the burl is full of unique character. All are light-fast wild-crafted Ozark pigments.

The Paleo Mini Pigments (listing specifies which colors are available)

The varieties offered will change as I make my own paints. The list below will be added to as I make a new color that wasn’t previously listed. Not all colors are available at all times. I have an article that gives more information on the various colors and what they come from. Click here to open a separate tab to read it. I’ll update it with any new colors as I find or create them. The following is a list of intermittently available Paleo Paints in Mini’s, Balls, or other types of pans.

  • Red Lites
  • Special Red (sometimes named Blood of the Ozarks, Fresh Earthy Blood)
  • Red Middles
  • Red Heavies
  • Red Middles Gouache
  • Whole Red Clay
  • Red & Yellow lites combo
  • Whole Yellow
  • Yellow Lites
  • Yellow Gouache
  • Green Lights Gouache
  • Green Heavies
  • Red plus Pink
  • Bone Black (bone sourced, light fast)
  • Vine Black (plant sourced, but light fast)
  • Antler Black (antler sourced, light fast)
  • Shale Gray
  • Brown Brown (Black sandstone)
  • Sassafras Root Bark (plant sourced, light fast)
  • Sassafras Leaf (plant sourced, light fast)
  • Red Leaf of Black Gum (plant sourced, light fast)
  • Murdock
  • Earthy Murdock (brown brown with Murdock)
  • Cromwell’s Sunrise
  • Whole Earthy Delight
  • Sassy Lake (a very pale yellow lake pigment from sassafras leaf)

About the Little Burl

I found this little burl while out scouting for pigments. It’s small, was almost not enough to notice among the rocks and detritus. But it caught my eye and I’m glad I brought it home.

For a while it sat on the shelf in my studio. I wasn’t certain how I would use it. Originally, I planned to use it with the other side up. But once I started the cleaning, sanding, and evaluation, I decided to go with it the way you see it now. It’s like there’s a built in little shelf for the top colors.

So it started out as nothing but a mud and sand-covered scrap of the toughest part of a tree long gone. Now it’s a little palette artfully displaying a handful of Paleo Paint Mini’s. 🤗

A Note about Color Reproducibility & Transparency

All of my paleo mini paint cubes are made from natural foraged rocks, clay, or other resources. While I may be able to come close to reproducing the color later, it’s very unlikely I’ll get an exact match. There’s enough pigment in each of these dots to paint several swatches, and possibly full small paintings in the style I produce. A little bit does seem to go a long ways.

Watercolor paints made from earth pigments are not as transparent as those you might be used to. All of them are more similar to gouache than not. The ones I’ve labeled ‘gouache’ are more opaque than the pigments alone. The only ones of my paleo paint samples that are truly transparent are those from plant pigments, like the sassafras root bark in this collection.

You can see the paintings I’ve made using my handmade watercolor paints at www.PaleoPaints.com if you’d like to get an idea of how they look.


Wild Ozark™


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