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Animal Eyes | Oh, Those Eyes!


Oh those eyes! This will be a collection of works focused on animal eyes of creatures large and small. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and I think that’s true of all eyes, regardless what kind of body they live on.

Some of the works are the eyes from my original paintings. Some will be photography. All of it has been manipulated digitally to give it the look I wanted it to have.

If you would like to have any of these works as physical prints, there are 100 signed, limited editions available. Prints can be ordered here at this listing. NFT listings are at Hic et Nunc. Links are given beneath each image in the post below.


Eyes of Wisdom

  • NFT available at HEN: https://hicetnunc.art/objkt/627442 for 0.5 ꜩ (XZT or Tezos).
  • Prints available, 8 x 10″, signed/numbered limited edition of 100 on archival paper.

Bear Eyes

Those Bear Eyes
Only available in limited edition physical print at this time. Ozark pigments, digitally embellished.
  • NFT: not available
  • Physical print: yes, limited signed/numbered edition of 100 8 x 10″ on archival paper.

Horse Eyes

This is my horse Comanche. I have always loved horses and the eyes of horses. No embellishing of this one. It’s straight up beautiful and true-to-life.

The beautiful eye-windows of my horse, Comanche.
  • NFT: (https://hicetnunc.art/objkt/626030) 100 editions at Hic et Nunc for 2 ꜩ (XZT or Tezos).
  • Print: real life prints are available. Size 8 x 10″, $25. Signed/numbered, archival limited edition of 100.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Wild Ozark™


Bear Eyes Print, Comanche's Eyes print, Comanche's Eyes NFT, Eyes of Wisdom


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