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Red-Russet ‘Lites’ | 2021-01 (lites)

$10.00 $10.00.

Item no. 2021-01 ‘Lites’

A 10 ml glass vial of finely ground, washed Ozark pigment powder.

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There are 5 vials available of this exact color. This produces a smooth paint with very little or no grit.


Future similar colors will be offered, but I can’t guarantee an exact match. Sometimes the rock used is only large enough to make a small amount of pigment, and the other rocks of similar colors are just enough different to warrant giving the smaller single one it’s own vial.

This one of those larger sized rocks that allowed me to make more than one vial. All of it was crushed in the same process, washed together, so the color should be fairly close to exact from vial to vial in this lot. If you think you’ll need more than a pan or two of paint in this same (close to exact) color, you should order more than one vial if they’re available.

Your end results will depend upon how exactly the pigment is mixed with media from pan to pan while making the paint.

Washed pigment

This is a ‘washed’ pigment, meaning the whole ground rock was added to water. The heavier portion that settled right away are what I call ‘heavies’. The lighter, finer particles that stay suspended are allowed to settle and the water discarded. These are what I call the ‘lites’. Lites are generally smoother then heavies, but the heavies are not always gritty. It depends upon the rock source.

Washed and settling pigments.
From left to right: small and large jar of whole, ground pigment; first rinse, second rinse, third rinse, and the heavies. The rinses will be allowed to settle, then the water poured off, and the sediment dried. These are the ‘lites’.

It takes about a week to grind, wash, settle, and dry washed pigments. The ‘lites’ are the smallest fraction from a whole rock, whereas the ‘heavies’ (small jar to the right) often make up the bulk.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

Wild Ozark™


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