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Soul of the Ozarks | 2020 Collection No. 1

$45.00 $45.00.

Handmade watercolors from foraged materials in the Ozarks. 2020 Collection No. 1 includes six light-fast Ozark pigments in a travel tin.

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The small cubes contain about as much paint as a traditional half-pan. All of the pigments are light fast. The sassafras infusion is plant-based, made from the root bark of the sassafras tree. It is a very subtle, sheer yellow.

The Pigments

  • Red Lite Lite Gouache is made from a red sandstone. The ‘lite’ portion, is the portion of the ground up rock that stays suspended in the water when I wash it. The ‘lite lites’ are lightest of the lightweight suspended materials in the wash water. These were allowed to settle separately from the ‘heavies’ and ‘lites’. Because I added powdered limestone to capture the last bit of pigment on my mulling board after panning up the original color, this one is considered a gouache, and it’s not the full pigment strength of the Red Lite Lites.
  • Red Heavies came from the same red sandstone that created the Red Lite Lites. It is the sandiest portion that sank to the bottom the quickest when I washed the paint.
  • Pure Red Clay is from a find I discovered while following my husband down the road behind the tractor. We were going sooooo slow because the clutch was stuck on it, so I had plenty of time to look around. There was a pure red clay deposit in the drainage cut along the side of the road and so I stopped to scoop out as much of it as I could. This turned out to be an incredible sheer high-pigment orange and I love it.
  • Shale Gray Yellow Lites is a combination of shale gray, made from the black shale that lives in the creek, and the lightweight portion of yellow sandstone.
  • Black Sandstone is the hardest of all the rocks I’ve ever ground up. But an amazing thing happens when I put it on the mulling plate. It seems to just dissolve into the media. And it makes a really nice brown. Just goes to show that the color of the stone doesn’t necessarily mean the color of the paint.
  • Shale Gray, as mentioned above, comes from the black shale that I find in the creek. It’s a very crumbly thin layered rock when it dries out, but it mulls into a really buttery textured paint. It has to be washed after grinding, though, as it is one of the rocks containing sulfur compounds. If not washed it really stinks pretty badly.
  • Sassafras Infused is made from just what it sounds like. An infusion of sassafras. This one is from the outer bark of the roots, though, not the leaves. The outer bark on this tree is a bright orange, but it does not give up that color much to water. So what you get is a very sheer yellow.


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