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Download: Media Package for speaking to writer’s groups, and photo
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  • Program Notes of Bootstrapping the Business – My Mistakes and Successes in the Business of Writing
  • Program Notes  of my Nature Writing Workshop


I’m an Author, photographer, animal and nature-lover and bonafide tree-hugger – the wilderness is the perfect environment to satisfy my soul. It gives me inspiration to bring the products to life to help others reconnect with Nature. I write fantasy, non-fiction and use photography to create products for our online store.

All of my writing, creations and business endeavors are branded under “Wild Ozark”. It’s intended to exude a love for nature and encourage others to live vicariously through my writing and products if they can’t experience nature to the same degree as we do here in the backwoods of the Arkansas Ozarks. If you search for ‘wild ozark’ in any search engine, we should rank high and predominantly on the first page. If you search for ‘madison woods writer’, it should also be the same. And the same for ‘nature sketching ozarks’.

American Ginseng and the habitat that supports this endangered plant is one of my avid interests. Most of my non-fiction is devoted to this topic and I encourage anyone with the right kind of land to help protect and re-establish habitat. This is my goal for our property even though we still intend to harvest and sell our roots eventually. With proper planning, planting and ethical harvesting, it will thrive for generations to come.

I’m the voice behind our social media and website.

I have more than 4 self-published nonfiction books in ebook and paperback format, 1 novel in  ebook and paperback, short stories published by Buzzy SciFi & Fantasy, e-Fiction magazine, and self-pubbed.

Possible Talking Points

  • My greatest marketing tool is my website and blog
  • I use Scrivener to compile e-books for self-publishing
  • I use Word to compose initially for everything and convert to PDF for paperback, import to Scrivener for e-book generation
  • My greatest mistake was blog focus and building the wrong readership
  • Second greatest was too many blog platforms
  • Third was paying no attention to SEO best practices (too much duplicate content)
  • It’s a constant struggle to keep site from becoming cluttered and convoluted
  • Certain tools make it easier to monitor marketing success/failure (which ads on the site perform, which don’t, where visitors originate from, the last page they read before leaving, and how long they visit)
  • I use Google Webmaster Tools to help monitor some aspects of SEO
  • I use StatCounter to monitor traffic most of the time, Google Analytics for deeper analysis
  • Bounce rate is important unless visitors are bouncing to the buy page at Amazon and buying
My Writing

Books: My books and their descriptions can be found at this page: https://www.wildozark.com/shop-category/books/

My fantasy website (pen name Ima Erthwitch): https://www.ruralfantasy.com

Wild Ozark’s website: https://www.wildozark.com  (lots of photography & articles related to ginseng, homesteading, nature)


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