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Whole Rock | Raw Ozark Pigments

If you don’t have good rocks but want to make a little paint (or anything else earth pigment is good for), I’ve got you covered!

Sets of whole pigment rocks so you can make your own paints from Wild Ozark rocks. Each set is $18.45 which includes shipping to US addresses. If you’re ordering from outside the US, please email me (madison@wildozark.com) so I can give you an invoice with applicable shipping.

As new sets are collected, they’ll be added to this listing. Each set has a corresponding image below. The image below shows the scrapes from fresh, moist rocks. The rocks look a lot different once they’re dry. Each rock is individually packaged with a corresponding scrape on paper for color reference.

The resulting paint colors are not always identical to the scrapes or rubs. But usually they’re close. Have fun!

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