Ginseng Seedlings & Companion Plants for Habitat Restoration

The Wild Ozark™ Ginseng Nursery specializes in wild-simulated American ginseng and ethically propagated companion plants for ginseng habitat restoration or creation. We’re the only (that I know of) certified American ginseng nursery in Arkansas.

Fairy Gardens, Ferns, and other medicinal plants

The nursery also propagates ferns, mosses, and small woodland plants for fairy gardens. We sell the ferns in terrariums or separately, along with moss and other decor for fairy gardens. I grow the medicinal plants I know and love to use. Many of these plants, such as spicebush, are also important for butterflies and pollinators.

  • Email me ([email protected]) if you can pick up your order and want to save on shipping.

My Sourcing Methods

All of the natives are ethically propagated from plants that exist here at Wild Ozark. I use root division, cuttings, and seeds. From time to time I rescue plants uprooted by the road grader from the side of the road that would otherwise die (the Dutchman’s Breeches along one stretch of our county road meet this fate every spring).

For other plants that aren’t available through the above methods, I purchase seeds.

We would never threaten the survival of any of our plants by over harvesting for the sake of selling plants. Because of this, our supplies will always be limited.

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