Paleo Paints | Wild-Crafted Handmade Watercolors

Artist quality wild-crafted handmade watercolors made from rocks, clay, or herbs and other natural sources. I call them Paleo Paints because this is the way paint was made long ago. The primitive drawings in caves used pigments created in the same way as I am creating them today- by smashing and grinding rocks, clay, and herbs. Whereas the ancient ones simply mixed their pigment with water or animal fats, I am using gum Arabic and honey to bind the color.

All of my colors, with the exception of blue and green, are created from natural materials sourced right here in the Ozarks. So far, I haven’t found a light-fast source of local materials for blue or green. Eventually I’ll collect materials from other locations in Arkansas and other states and create collections named for those locations.

When I have paints ready to sell, I list them at Etsy.

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