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Ponca Nature Center | Color Fest 2022

It’s that awesome, incredible time of year again out here at Wild Ozark. Fall is here, and the colors are beginning to pop. Come on out to the Ponca Color Fest this weekend and enjoy the autumnal scenery and see the crafts and art on display at the Ponca Nature Center.

At the Ponca Nature Center

Color Fest at the Ponca Nature Center

Look for Wild Ozark … maybe not a tent

My trusty old truck is broken, so I might not be able to fit the tent in my car. I’ll know whether it’ll fit on Friday morning when I give it a try, haha.

But even if it doesn’t, I’ll have some panels to hang things on.

Here’s what I’m bringing: framed prints, unframed prints, and note cards (and maybe a few Paleo Paint sets).

Where is It?

If you’re coming from the north, go down Hwy 21 through Kingston. At the square in Kingston, take 21 South (go left after the gazebo, pass in front of Ranch One Feed). Then turn left again at Hwy 43. It’ll be on the left a few miles down that road (not sure how many miles… might be more than a few, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see the tents of vendors in the yard 🙂 Better yet, here’s a map:



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