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Thank you so much for signing up to be a patron for Wild Ozark! (If you haven’t yet signed up but would like to, the form to do so is at the bottom of this page.)

Being creative doesn’t always pay well and to stay online we have expenses. Examples include:

  • Domain and web hosting
  • Paid Plugins for the website
  • Spam Control

Your support also helps me buy things like:

  • Seeds
  • Potting Soil
  • Pots
  • Office Supplies
  • Art Supplies

But most of all, your patronage buys me time to be creative without worrying so much about whether I’ll be able to afford the online presence. Being able to keep a good website live helps me to bring the things I create (books, art, photography, articles) to an audience.

Unless my books and products begin selling a lot, it doesn’t bring in a lot of income. At the moment of this page’s creation, I’m making only about $100/month from my efforts.

In the future, when my income exceeds $1000/month, my pledge is to close the patronage accounts. Those of you who supported me while I was struggling will forever be appreciated.

If you’d like to be publicly recognized for your contribution, leave a comment here so I can personally and publicly thank you. I’ll also add your name to my Patron’s List in the back of every book published from here on out.

Thank You!!

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If you landed here by accident and would like to become a Wild Ozark Patron, use the submission form below to join the ranks of my supporters:

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Use your PayPal account to become a patron. A patron is someone who offers monthly support for our effort to stay creative and keep our online presence. All patrons receive a lifetime 10% off coupon for everything sold in our online shop.

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