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Ozark colors are featured in the art of Madison Woods.

Nature & Wildlife Art

Madison Woods’ original watercolor art is painted using pigments she foraged and processed by hand. Her archival prints are created with an eye for exact color replication. So the hues you see in these images are literally the colors of the Ozarks.

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Fine Art Prints & Originals featuring Ozark Colors

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"Little Rascal" in Ozark pigments, available as prints. The original is sold.
Update 5/25/20 : Original SOLD to a private collector.

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The Pigments

Before she starts a painting, Madison gathers pigments. Rocks, shale, and bone are the materials she uses. Rocks and shale are crushed and washed. She chars bone in a wood fire during winter, then crushes it to use throughout the rest of the year. Watercolor paints use a water-soluble tree gum and honey for binders. The Ozarks offers a wide range of colors in earth tones, but no blue or bright green.

Her limited palette offers an opportunity to stretch her creativity. No matter what she paints, her art portfolio has a cohesiveness, a signature style difficult to achieve by many artists.

The subjects Madison paints are always drawn from nature, but birds of prey are her favorite. She is drawn to the concepts of duality and the predator/prey relationships that exist in nature. Her work is realistic but not photorealism, and the local pigments offer a unique color cast in her representations. Madison gathers pigments in the form of rocks, clay, and bones from everywhere she goes, but mainly uses the Ozark pigments of home in her current works.

Madison Woods paints nature, with nature – literally!

Madison Woods paints with Ozark pigments.

About the Artist

Madison Woods is an artist and paintmaker from Kingston, Arkansas.
Author/Artist Info
In the summer of 2018 I began making watercolor paints from the rocks, clay, and other resources of our land here in the Ozarks. My artwork is made exclusively with these paints. I call them Wild Ozark Paleo Paints, because they’re made in a way very close to the same way paints were made when man first put a handprint on the wall of a cave. My specialty is painting nature, specifically the nature that surrounds me here in the remote hills of northwest Arkansas.

My Portfolio is at MadisonWoods.art

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