Nature Art in Kingston, AR

I’ll have a drawing of ginseng on display at the Art Gallery during May 2016. There will be lots of nature art in Kingston during this month.

flyer for art show in kingston, ar featuring nature art by madison woods
Click to go through to the FB page – leave a comment to let us know if you’ll be there at some point, and mention the thing you hope to see most!

If you live anywhere near northwest Arkansas and you enjoy nature art, I’d suggest you try to get by to see this show. Lots of talented artists here in these hills! Not all of the artists feature nature, but mine will be there and many of the other works are of plants, landscapes, and nature.

In my next few posts to this blog, I’ll show my entry as I sketch it. So check back to see the first phase soon of the rough outline sketch of “4-prong American Ginseng in May”.

During the remainder of the year I’ll be focusing on sketching the plants of a ginseng habitat. I already have wild ginger sketched and will be adding blue and black cohosh, bloodroot, goldenseal, jack-in-the-pulpit, spikenard, mayapple, rattlesnake fern and maybe some others.


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