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Herb Walks

Virtual Herb and Nature Walks

Because I live so far off the beaten path, it’s hard to get enough people signed on to make actual herb walks very feasible. To remedy that, I’m developing “virtual” herb and nature walks that are sure to delight and please plant and nature lovers.

Real Herb Walks

I’ll still do herbwalks, “herb drives” in real life, though. See my post on my new Ginseng Habitat Garden project, scheduled to open to the public in May. I’ll get a walk schedule together before then and post it, so watch the blog or sign up for my Wild Ozark Musings newsletter.

Virtual Herb Walks

The first series of these virtual nature walks is “Into the Ginseng Wood”. This is available as individual “no-tap” chapters from Amazon (click each image below).

  book cover for The Unfurling  cover - Before the Unfurling cover for forest companions

cover for American ginseng & Companions

 Presentations, with or without Slide-show

Need to schedule a presenter?

If you’d like me to bring some show-and-tell items and a few of the Green Ambassadors (the woodland herbs in pots), fill out the form below or email me. I can bring the slide-show if you have a screen to show it. I bring printed handouts and I like to bring books and DVD’s to sell, but if your organization forbids sales let me know. My fee is negotiable, but all travel and lodging expenses must be covered if it’s outside the northwest Arkansas area.

The images in the slide-show below are a sampling of the pages from the books/presentations:


Use the form below to schedule or begin a discussion about a slide-show presentation for your event or organization:

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