Technical Consulting for Writers (Fiction, nonfiction, bloggers)

For Writers (Fiction, nonfiction, bloggers)

Technical consulting for writers who want to use WordPress, attract visitors to their websites from search engines, and monitor site performance.

I’ll work with you to get it started, teach you how to monitor, direct and analyze traffic and show you how to tell when what you’re doing is working or not working to drive readers to your book sales pages (on site or at Amazon, or wherever you sell your books).

For writers using already using WordPress installed on their own domains, sessions will begin at “Designing Your Site”. The reason for that starting point is because the way the site is arranged makes a difference in everything going forward. For those without their own domain, it begins at “Choosing a Domain”. Each session consists of one topic. The topics are:

  • Choosing a domain name, setting up hosting, Installing and setting up WordPress
  • Designing your site
  • Statcounter
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Site structure
  • SEO
  • Content

Groups – For 2 or more (10 max) who want to participate in a hands-on workshop setting. Location needs WiFi access, participants will need to have their laptops with them. It costs extra to purchase domain names and hosting, but if you already have those the rest of it can be connected to at no charge.  $150/session

Individual – I’ll come to your house or meet with you at the location of your choice. Needs WiFi, wherever we work. One-on-one help. $150/session/day.

Use the form below to begin the dialogue (enter your website if you have one, but no worries if you don’t).

Here’s a link to my Speaker’s Bio Page for Writing Groups, if you’d like more information on me.