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Books Inspired by Nature

My Writing Muse is Nature

Fiction is listed at my Rural Fantasy website under my pen name and also at Amazon under “Ima Erthwitch”.

Nonfiction is published under “Madison Woods” and is available at Amazon and most other online retailers. See below for PDF copies of my nonfiction, then after that are the nonfiction listings in paperback or other formats.

PDF offers a more affordable option than print, plus you have the added option of printing parts of it or all of it yourself at home. This is the benefit over the Kindle or ebook version at the same or nearly the same prices through Amazon.

I’ve listed quick links for the PDF downloads of all the books and stories I have available in that format. (Not too many yet, but I’m working on it.)

If you buy one and have any trouble at all with getting the file, just email me at [email protected] and I’ll send it to you as an email attachment instead.

I can also send most of these files in .epub or .mobi format on request.

Thank you in advance!


Military discounts

We offer military discounts for any book downloaded from our website, so be sure to let me know about your status so I can give you a 10% discount. I’ll be able to do this after your order is processed through PayPal or Amazon. If you’ll be mailing a check, just subtract the discount and put a note in the envelope with it so I’ll know why. Does not apply to books ordered from Amazon or other retailers.

The cover for the Autumn 2015 issue of Wild Ozark Musings where mullein is featured.

Kindle/PDF: Wild Ozark Musings, Autumn 2015

This e-book is the first issue of the new quarterly Wild Ozark Musings zine-letter. It started out as an ordinary newsletter, but it got away from me during the composition. Now it’s shorter than a book, longer than a newsletter, not as varied as a magazine. So it’s a zine-letter.

Go here to get it from Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017OAFI2S.

The FREE PDF is available to subscribers: https://eepurl.com/Q2dBP or those who have purchased the Kindle version.


Cover art for the new My Nature Journal from Wild Ozark

Paperback: My Nature Journal

For the naturalist and artist inspired by nature. This is a simple nature journal, with some ideas and inspiration from Madison Woods, naturalist and author who lives deep in the wilderness of the Ozarks.

The journal entry pages have unlined space at the top of the front page, with light lines on the bottom half and backsides so there is room enough for all of your thoughts.

Available from Amazon, Createspace or our online Wild Ozark Shop.

American Ginseng & Companions Cover-frontPaperback/eBook: American Ginseng & Companions

American Ginseng & Companions is a collection of favorite photographs taken over the years in the ginseng habitats here at Wild Ozark. It’s not a “how to” book, and some of the photos are also in my other two ginseng-related books. It’s a celebration of the beauty of this unique habitat and the plants that grow in it. For someone trying to learn to identify ginseng and the companions, it is a great resource.

If you preorder the book from shop.wildozark.com you’ll get free shipping and the book on DVD (while supplies last).

The first three chapters of this book are also available in “no-tap” versions for Kindle. The title of the series is “Into the Ginseng Wood”.

Cover for 10 Common PlantsPaperback/eBook: 10 Common Plants worth Knowing (in a Long-term Survival Situation)

Unless the catastrophe that brings us to a survival level of life is environmental (major flood, ice age, some other large scale habitat destruction), plants will still be growing all around us as if nothing has happened. If it was environmental in nature, plants will be the first thing to recover and these kinds of plants in particular (those most often called “weeds”) are likely to reappear first. Gaining this knowledge should be part of every prepper’s game plan. If not yourself, then someone in your nearby network needs to be more than familiar with the plants and how to use them. That person needs to be well-practiced and know the plants like the good friends and allies they are. It does take time to get to a point of old-friend familiarity and there’s no time like the present to get started.


cover image for sustainable ginseng

Paperback/eBook: Sustainable Ginseng

An informative starter book that gives information on how to grow and harvest ginseng in a way that ensures the plant’s survival for generations to come. See purchasing details below to buy from Amazon. Go here to order a paperback copy from our online store, where you will also get a FREE Wild Ozark Herbs DVD with your book (sorry, US customers only).


DIY Ginseng Habitat & Site Assessment GuidePaperback/eBook: DIY Ginseng Habitat & Site Assessment Guide

A great book to take to the woods with you in your quest to find suitable habitat for planting your wild-simulated ginseng. See purchasing details below to buy from Amazon. Lots of images of companion plants and habitat description. Go here to order a paperback copy from our online store, where you will also get a FREE Wild Ozark Herbs DVD with your book (sorry, US customers only).


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17 April 2017 6:31 pm

[…] too early for plants. Tomorrow we’ll have ginseng jam, winter crud/cough syrup (jam), books, and nature art cards and drawings. If I can find a way to pack it in the car, I might bring my […]

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