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Nature-themed Royalty-free Photos for Book Cover Backgrounds, etc.

The following are nature photos I think would make good photos for royalty-free book cover backgrounds. Available with exclusive/nonexclusive rights. If you’re looking for something specific, let me know and I might already have it or can create one to suit.

I’m also pulling together collections of nature photography packages. The first one is Relics of Seasons Past, available with a nonexclusive digital license now. To view all available photos, categorized for covers or otherwise, click here to go to the Wild Ozark Photography category.

Exclusive or nonexclusive

  • nonexclusive any digital allows you to use it on any digital media (eBook cover, online book promotional, blog post, social media, header images, website backgrounds, etc.) It does not allow print use.
  • exclusive cover allows print or digital cover use. It means no one else will have this image on their book covers. You can use it in your book promotional materials, printed or digital.
  • exclusive any use means that you basically own this photo and can do what you like with it in any media, digital or print, except resell it as a product in and of itself. I still own the copyright, you have exclusive use of the photo.

Once a non-exclusive license has been purchased for any of the royalty-free photos, no exclusive license will exist for that photo. And once an exclusive license has been purchased for any photo it is removed from the catalog altogether.

Wild Ozark Stock Photos, Royalty-free, free to edit

Here’s an example of one of my covers and the photo it started with. The recommended size for ebook covers at Amazon is at least 2500 px on the long side. You can crop your photos in different places to achieve different looks. If you’re handy with photoshop, you can make it look much different and add other elements to the composition.  I generally tend to stay close to true. This is just a simple filter and vignette applied once the image size was cropped:

example of photo for book cover background  >  another iteration of photo for book cover backgrounds  >  Cover


Editing/Creative Services are extra

  • $25 – cropping to 2500 x 1563 px
  • $25 – filters (vignette, sepia, b&w, fade)
  • $100 – cover design (ebook only)

Email me at [email protected] if you need this done for you and I’ll send you a paypal invoice for the photo license and the editing/creation.

How are the photos delivered?

When you’ve chosen and paid for the photo of your choice I’ll email the high-resolution file to you. The file will not be automatically available from my shop to prevent simultaneous purchase of both exclusive and nonexclusive rights. What you will get in the receipt of online purchase is a copy of the license naming the chosen photo, with my contact information (email address) to complete your purchase. It is essential that you contact me so I can send you the file!

Email list

Join the mailing list if you’d like a monthly catalog of available book cover backgrounds delivered to your inbox. Subscribers will get 50% sale prices on selected nonexclusive licenses each month.

Book Cover Backgrounds, Wild Ozark Stock Photos

The images below have watermarks and are low resolution. Purchased images will be emailed to you in 300 dpi files with at least 3MB in file size. Printable size (at 300 dpi) is given in the product description.

I’m still in the process of creating product pages as of 2/2/16, so check back often or join the mailing list for a monthly catalog.


winter colors splitstem grass Winter Silhouette Sunset, a Wild Ozark Book Cover Photo royalty-free book cover backgrounds - sun sparkles shelf fungi on mossy log honeybee on moss foxtail dried hydrangea dried flower head nature book cover background - bluestem
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