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Banner for my Bird Head NFT collections.

Bird Head NFT Art Collections

All of these NFT’s are created using my original paintings of various birds as the starting point. In the Bird Head collections, I’ve cropped the bodies out and focused on making a portrait of each of their heads. The backgrounds have been digitally altered to add interesting features.

The unlockable content gives the owner a link at IPFS to download the full resolution file. An offer extends for a real-life, archival on watercolor paper, print of each NFT.

Each Collection will feature four of my birds. Here’s the first collection. It’s not minted yet, but I will as soon as the gas fees drop or a good enough offer comes through.

Bird Head Collection No. 1

Collection No. 2

I’m still working on this one. Right now I have eleven birds to work with and I’ve used up four in the first collection. As I get them done, I’ll create a new collection with every four.

About the Artist

My inspiration is nature and the cycle of life. For whatever odd reason, I see the brutality and beauty of nature inseparable from each other. It is like the concept of chaos and organization standing in the same space. Both exist simultaneously, but it is the observer which determines the state. While I acknowledge the brutality, it is the beauty I like to portray.

I start my paintings by gathering rocks. These rocks contain the pigments I’ll need to make my paints. Currently, I make watercolor paints, but I plan to experiment with oils soon. The NFT’s in my Bird Head collection all started with my original watercolor paintings.

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