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Barnyard Mayhem | A Different Sort of NFT Art

So, I had an idea to have some fun in Photoshop with the last painting I did. Remember the Weesatche house? Now that I’ve added a few things, it’s more like barnyard mayhem, and that’s exactly how I titled the NFT I made from it. Don’t worry, the original painting is the same as it ever was. I only changed a digital version of it.

I’m still experimenting with this new art form. Artists who make digital art to begin with have a much smoother end product with NFT’s. Mine are rough. They’re odd, and and still fairly earthy. I like to label them as ‘rustic’. When I make an NFT from one of my original paintings, I do want to add some brighter colors to it, though, so it’s more eye-catching. It’s not as au natural as my real life artwork is, but I like seeing the brighter colors in my art sometimes, at least in the NFT projects.

Welcome to the Barnyard.

There’s a lot of mayhem going on in here. Poor Aunt Eta just wants to go check the eggs, but that rascal the goat is a trouble-maker. Overhead there’s a hot air balloon announcing that acronym so familiar to the #nftcommunity at Twitter, WAGMI (which means ‘we’re all gonna make it’). Chickens doing chicken things and flowers going to seed.

Click here to go to Async.art

The NFT Layers

There’s the base layer, which is what you see in the image above, with all of the additions I made to it. Collectors can buy individual layers, too.

There’s a layer with the goat, in two phases. First phase is close-up, leaning over the fence rail. Second phase is charging Aunt Eta. I don’t think that goat’s going to make it (NGMI).

If you have chickens and want them to hatch out chicks, you’ll need a rooster. There he is, doing his duty in the next layer. It also has two phases. One with Mr. Rooster getting busy, the next with Mrs. Hen setting eggs in the nest box.

The flowers have three phases in a separate layer. First they’re at the height of beauty, then they’re dropping seeds everywhere. After that they begin withering away.

The WAGMI balloon can alternate between optimism (WAGMI) to doomsayer (NGMI -not gonna make it).

Not all of Barnyard Mayhem is Minted

Each layer costs something to mint, so not all of them are done yet. So far, the master (whole scene), chickens, and WAGMI balloon are ready. You can see the Barnyard Mayhem, and all of my Async art anytime you want, whether you buy any or not. Just head over to their website to view them by clicking the links in this sentence.

Other NFT Art on Other Platforms

I have works listed at Opensea.io, HEN, and will soon try to get some at Solana and NFT-maker.io. The one at HEN is prints of my painting Eye of the Storm and is a lot less expensive than the ones listed anywhere else. Everything else listed are 1/1 works, so there’s only one that will ever be sold, though it goes to secondary markets. That means the buyer is reselling it, which is great because I’ll get a percentage of any future sales, too.

Real Prints of NFT Works

Some of my NFT’s can also be offered as real prints. Barnyard Mayhem is available by request. Soon it’ll be listed in my shop, but in the meantime, just email me if you’d like to order one.

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