Nature Sketching

Welcome to my online nature sketching journal. Every day I can get away, I take a short hike with my sketchpad and pencils to commune & capture a little bit of the Wild Ozark nature.

Then I come back to the house and scan the page into the computer and post it here to share with you.

Click the picture below to start at the beginning, or click on “Journal” at the top of this page (or in the menu if you’re on a small screen like a phone):

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Until recently, I did this communing and capturing habit with a camera. Until Sept 2015, it had been nearly 20 years since I last sketched more than a doodle here and there. I’m not sure what inspired me to pick up the pencils and start sketching again, but now that I’ve started, I’m committed to continue doing it fairly regularly for at least the rest of this year.

This nature sketching journal is an offshoot of my main website “Wild Ozark“.

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Wild Ozark, LLC is our umbrella name for a lot of little ventures, all related somehow to our life in the rural ozarks of northwest Arkansas. Stop in and browse around that site to see if you find anything there interesting!



4 Replies to “Nature Sketching”

  1. Hi Madison
    I found your book on Amazon and I love it!
    I started my Patagonia nature journal about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It is all photos but I also enjoy drawing in a nature journal but I wasn’t sure how to combine them. You’ve done it very nicely. I look forward to checking out your other websites and hope you’ll look at mine.

    1. Hi Lori, I’m so excited to hear from you 🙂 My online journal here is still relatively new and doesn’t get a lot of visitors. But I’ll be happy to list your journal in my sidebar for eventual readers to find. At my main site I have more followers, and sometimes those crossover to visit. If you haven’t already, I’d be super-thrilled if you’d leave a review for my book at Amazon!

      1. Thanks! I will do the same for your websites and i will leave a review for your book. I’d love to know how you did your book on Amazon.

        1. I scan each page after finishing it and save that as a jpg file. Then put it on a background of the right size with Publisher. I used Kindle’s Comic Creator software to put it all into format for Amazon. Email me if you’d like more details and I’ll be happy to help – [email protected]

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