2017 Ginseng Prices – Diggers and Dealers Information

This is the discussion page for 2017 ginseng prices for diggers and dealers, not for information on how much ginseng roots cost for a retail buyer.

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The Wild Ozark 2017 ginseng prices discussion page for diggers and buyers.The discussion on this page is NOT a reflection on how much the retail roots cost. The prices being discussed here are at the digger level, not retail level. Click here for referrals to retail sellers I trust.

Average Prices to Diggers

Buying prices vary from year to year, but on average for the past few years here in the Ozarks they’ve been around $400-$500/lb (dry). Last year in Arkansas, however, prices were not good and most buyers quit buying early on. I don’t know if the dry rates ever reached $400/lb.

In 2016 a major dealer went out of business and dumped his stockpile of dried roots on the market (at least this is what I heard). That’s what caused the wholesale buying prices to be so low.

As far as I know, this did not affect retail prices at all. So I’d imagine for 2017, buying prices (from digger to dealer) will depend on whether or not this glut has been relieved.

2017 Ginseng Prices

So far for 2017 there is no news. If you hear something, please post a comment. Whenever I find anything out, I’ll add it here.

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