wild ozark herbs picture bookwild ozark herbs picture bookwild ozark herbs picture bookwild ozark herbs picture book

Wild Ozark Herbs

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It's like taking a walk through the Ozarks to discover the herbs of the wild.

This full-color picture book from Wild Ozark™ is rich in imagery from the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. The photos spotlight some of the plants considered to be most beautiful, useful or appreciated by the author. Each frame tells you a little about each one. Each plant is given by common and botanical name. An entire chapter is devoted to ginseng and ginseng's companion plants in the forest habitat where they grow.You'll see the plants you'd see if you were really on an herb walk with Madison. These are the plants that grow along the roadsides, meadows and forests right in the areas where walks are scheduled.

Be sure to sign up for her newsletter at if you want to know when walks are scheduled or new products are released.The book displays best on Kindle Fire and other color e-readers. Layout works on the older black & white readers, but the images are gray-scaled and text is not as easy to read. Performs beautifully on the Kindle for PC reader and iPhone.

Available for $4.99 for Kindle (and soon in paperback) from Amazon:

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Product Description

Wild Ozark Herbs is a Kindle picture book featuring Ozark herbs. Lets the reader experience the magic and inspiration of an herb walk through the Ozarks. Gorgeous full color photos, beautiful on Kindle Fire and other color e-readers. Available from Amazon:

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  1. Madison Woods


    Message from Christine Campbell: “It’s beautiful, Madison. Really beautiful. I love it. I’ve been looking through it and I know I will often go back to it to check some of the medicinal herbs out and sometimes just to enjoy the gorgeous photographs. Lovely. Thank you.”

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